The villa: structure and spaces

Vigna dei Pini is a structure dating back to the eighteenth century belonging to the Crotti Counts of Costigliole and the Marquis Invrea; comes to life in Pinerolo, the city of the Iron Mask, in the province of Turin. It can accommodate up to 150 people and is treated in every detail.

Vigna dei Pini offers an area dedicated to catering with two beautiful terraces: one for aperitifs with panoramic views and a covered area of 200 square meters. Inside large living room with a giant screen and stereo system for the music after dinner.

The parking area covers a green space adjacent to the villa and can accommodate up to 80 cars.

Outside there is a large park which is accessed via an avenue of lime trees towards a beautiful olive grove ideal for an exceptional photo shoot. From the park, which once also hosted Camillo Benso conte di Cavour, you descend into three gardens with breathtaking views and views of the town of Pinerolo and Monviso up to the Maritime Alps: ideal for celebrating your important day outside.

In the doubtful weather you can take advantage of the music room and the large halls with air conditioning and heating that, in case of bad weather conditions, will accommodate you in an elegant setting with panoramic windows.


The history

In the era in which the Vigna dei Pini comes to life Pinerolo underwent the French domination in the period from 1536 to 1574, after which it received the title of city from count Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia. It was again occupied by France under the Cherasco treaty (1631).

Cardinal Richelieu then entrusted Vauban, the greatest French military engineer of the time, with the task of making Pinerolo an extraordinary fortress destined to guarantee France the control of Northern Italy.

The fortress of Pinerolo, the Donjon, was also used as a prison, where Louis XIV sent his enemies, including the mysterious character known as the " Iron Mask".

At the end of his research Voltaire concludes (Le siècle de Louis XIV) that it must have been the twin brother (or of a half-brother) of Louis XIV, whose existence would have been hidden to avoid disputes over the right to the throne of the same. Alexandre Dumas father resumed this thesis which also appears in several film versions.


Starting from the birth of the Kingdom of Sardinia, the building was embellished and in the 18th century the main part was transformed into a country palace with the imposing façade.
In the Risorgimento period it was owned by the Conti Crotti of Costigliole and the Prime Minister Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour often went to this "Vigna" when he visited Pinerolo.

In 1904 Count Vittorio Crotti of Costigliole and his wife Paolina Martina dei Conti di Conegliano married their daughter Maria Consolata with the Marquis Francesco Invrea, a Genoese patrician. The villa is then painted with the typical red and yellow colors typical of Liguria and becomes for the Pinerolesi little accustomed to those colors "the red house".

It passes in inheritance to the Marquis David Invrea and his wife Irene Garelli and later the daughter Marchesa Paola. Since 1983 he belongs to the Comm. Of the Order of the S.S. Maurizio and Lazzaro Dr. Flavio Riva, his wife Marinella Ron and their sons Attilio and Umberto.

Four centuries of history that see jousts and tournaments alternate, wars and dominations up to the events that led to the birth of a united Italy seen from above of this splendid hill that embraces all of western Piedmont. These are the emotions that you can relive because we do not just want to rent a location but make YOUR beautiful Villa, its gardens and its beautiful view so that you can welcome your dearest friends TO YOUR HOME.


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