Destination Wedding in Vigna dei Pini

"...del bel paese là dove 'l si suona."

So the wise hand of Dante Alighieri tells the solemnity of the peninsula shaped like a boot that hides prestige in every region, from the Alps to the sea, from the plains to the lakes, from the city to the most hidden villages.

Destination Wedding is a rapidly expanding phenomenon in Italy; many regions are seen to be interested and among these Piedmont stands out as a destination chosen by foreigners who come to the beautiful country to celebrate their wedding.

Piedmont is a region known for its refined cuisine and good wine, for its Baroque architecture and for its breathtaking views, for the mountains and for its flat expanses.

Vigna dei Pini is a villa located in Piedmont, a region known for its refined cuisine and wines, the Baroque architecture that characterizes its capital; and as the name implies, Piedmont is the land of the mountains.

In fact Vigna dei Pini is the ideal location for the spouses who love Italy its majesty, its disarming views and landscapes of singular beauty, the structure is characterized by a picturesque valley overlooking Monviso, the Piedmontese side of Monte Rosa , where your guests will be welcomed for your intimate and festive reception.

Vigna dei Pini is not only nature, but also a villa full of charm and history, which provides a staff of professionals ready to ensure the right care in detail and the most attentive care for you and your guests, but not only in the day of your wedding but also for the period of stay. In fact, our team will take you on tours of comfort, organized and guided according to your needs, rich in discoveries and surprises of all kinds to make this wonderful land tangible.

Your stay in Vigna dei Pini


You will be able to enjoy a breathtaking view thanks to the fortunate position of the villa which rises on the Pinerolese hill and which allows every day to be enchanted by the sunset that is reflected in the front.

Programmed Tours

Thanks to the fortunate geographical position of the villa, it will be possible in a jiffy to reach the most important historical and artistic sites of the region. Vigna dei pini in fact, organizes trips that leave directly from the villa and provide stops in the main places, transforming the living room into a cultural and culinary experience as well as fun and relaxing.


Piedmont is famous in the world for its cuisine but even more for its wines. This is why the villa organizes tours to discover the Piedmontese food and wine wonders in the areas that have made it the reason it is like the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato: the lands of the white truffle.


Vigna dei Pini allows its guests to enjoy scheduled tours to discover historical and culinary sites thanks to the collaboration with trusted agencies that meet the needs of guests by providing the appropriate buses for every circumstance and number of guests. Thanks to these services it is also possible to accompany your guests from the nearest airport to the location and accommodation for the nights.


The solutions to pamper your guests are varied; Affiliated hotels, B & B or apartments, the best solutions according to your needs, all within a convenient radius of reaching the villa to live in peace all the moments of your stay.


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